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The deposit will be 50% of the booked treatment (max. €100 for PMU treatments).

If you cancel in time (48 hours in advance), the deposit can be fully refunded or used for the new appointment. A later cancellation will be charged for 50% & a cancellation later than 24 hours in advance without showing up will be charged in full.  

The deposit can be paid via a payment request. You will receive this after your booked appointment via Whatsapp or text message from the number +31627313582. You will not receive this immediately after your appointment, since I create and send the payment requests myself. For that reason, it may take a little longer before you receive your payment request for down payment. This does not affect the validity of your appointment, provided you pay the payment request within the specified payment date. 

Transferring is also allowed and is my personal preference, since it takes some work off my hands. this can go to: NL53 KNAB 0402 8244 31  / Attn. The Art of Brows (mention the date of your appointment in the description, so that I can easily link the payment to the right person).reminder: The amount you have to transfer is 50% of your booked treatment. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me

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