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BASIC Course The Art of Airbrush Brows (English)

  • 60dagen
  • 20stappen


Learn at your own pace in the peace and comfort of home with our online training about the latest trend in the brow industry, Airbrush Brows! The advantage of an online training is that you can watch the material and videos several times. This way, nothing will escape you. This course shows many different ways of airbrush brows applications, such as stencil methode, or if you would like to have more freedom in shaping the brows there's a paste mapping technique and also there will be some freehand demonstrations also! During this course we work with Brow code products, but your free to stick with your own brand, as long as they meet the correct requirements. This is reflected in the training. Contents of this online training: - English training - unlimited access to the training for 2 months - theoritical knowledge about airbrush machine and application - color choice (to help determine color) - 1 demo video with light skin & hair (bottom stencils) - 1 demo video with dark skin & dark hair (stencils) - machine manual and mechanism - machine maintenance/cleaning - a list of links for recommended products and tools - certificate The price is €150,- CAD $217,92 USD $162,10 GBP £ 128,31 (this plan is cheaper then the extended version, because of shorter access period, less extensive theory, no extensive color theory, 2 demo video's instead of 4, and no access to coaching afterwards (you will still be able to ask questions) This training does not include a product package, but it does contain links to order these. Average costs for all items are €200 (with machine included, which is around €50,-) depending on what you already have. If you have any questions about the training, please contact me and I will be happy to help you!



€ 150,00
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