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Terms and Conditions

When you book an appointment at The Art of Brows you agree to the following conditions. A tip is to take a screenshot/photo of this page, since the general terms and conditions are regularly adjusted and you want to cover yourself with the conditions that were agreed at the time without any changes to your disadvantage. 


  • New customers will be required to pay a deposit before their first appointment. This is because a No Show (a customer who does not show up without canceling) occurs most often with new customers. To protect myself from such situations, I must act accordingly. You will receive a payment request for this with instructions, such as payment due date. When this expires, the appointment will have to be cancelled. You can also transfer the amount yourself for faster processing. The deposit is 50% of the treatment costs (max. €100 for PMU). More info and a link to the deposit can be found via the following link:

  • If you are late for your appointment, I will be able to wait for you for a maximum of 15 minutes, after which the appointment will have to be moved and 50% of the costs of treatment will be charged.

  • Appointments can be canceled or changed free of charge up to 48 hours prior to the treatment. Too late to report your cancellation? Then 50% of the treatment price will be charged, regardless of the reason. There are no exceptions. Covid-related situations such as quarantine are also no exception. (Obviously, an exception is made in serious situations, such as accident or death of a loved one).

  • Appointments canceled or changed after 24 hours prior to the appointment will be charged in full. no matter what reason. There are no exceptions. Covid-related situations such as quarantine are also no exception. (There will of course be an exceptionmade in serious situations, such as an accident or death of a loved one).

  • Do you have an appointment for which no costs are charged that day, such as a follow-up treatment for permanent make-up, winning a promotion, or as a model? Then the following conditions apply. For 48 hoursfree cancel. After 48 hours, €50 will be charged.This is because I have reserved time for you that I can more difficult to fill within this period, so it influences my planning and because I have to make time for you again at another time, so I had to reserve more hours for you for this appointment.

  • Have you made an appointment and would you pay with a gift voucher? In that case, the cancellation scheme will not be charged in costs, but the credit of the gift voucher will then be adjusted. if you cancel within 48 hours, the gift voucher will receive a 50% value deduction and if you cancel within 24 hours, the entire amount will be forfeited and no new appointment can be made with this voucher. (When canceling and stating the gift voucher, a photo of the gift voucher must be sent as proof, so that this arrangement applies to you and you can be exempted from a payment request).

  • Indicating at the last minute that you want to change treatment in a different price class and treatment duration is also seen as a change reported too late. Example: Booked for PMU Infralash Eyeliner, but on arrival indicate that you want it from tezien  and a Lash Lift. Unfortunately, this is not possible without a surcharge. This is due to the time and service that has been reserved with me, which I take into account and which is ultimately incorrect. This causes last minute changes in my day planning and financially.  If you want to switch treatment, please notify us 48 hours in advance. If you are in doubt between more treatments and would like to discuss which to go for on site, please indicate this 48 hours in advance, so that this will be taken into account and no costs will be charged for treatment.

  • A no show, so a customer who does not show up for the appointment without canceling will have to pay the full amount and will not be able to make another appointment in the future. 

  • Camera security is available in the salon of The Art of Brows. This is for the protection of myself and the client. 

  • The Art of Brows is not liable for dissatisfaction with the result, if the cause comes from an indicated wish from which the customer returns. If you are dissatisfied, you must report this to me as soon as possible (within 1 day). After this we can look for a solution together. Whether this can be resolved free of charge depends on the complaint. If it's a mistake on my part, I'll be happy to fix it for you free of charge. If the complaint comes from a wish that I comply with and this is ultimately not to your taste, this must be indicated immediately during the appointment, so that I can correct this as far as possible during the current appointment. Sometimes you only see it at home. I understand this and that's why I give customers 1 day for this. Again you have no guarantee of a free solution if the complaint is not my fault. So be critical during your appointment. Money back is not possible.

  • When you book a course, it must be paid within the specified payment term. The cooling-off period for the course applies until payment has been made. Once paid for the course, it can no longer be canceled due to materials being ordered, the certificate being personalized and the planning dedicated to it. The course can be moved to another date.

When these payment agreementsare not fulfilled, you will no longer be able to make new appointments at The Art of Brows. These rules are there to protect myself from misuse of my time & prevent financial risks. 

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