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The Art of Brows, where eyebrow styling is seen as an art form.

Here you have come to the right place for the perfect modeling of the most striking feature of the face, the eyebrows.

I graduated as a beautician in 2011, so I've always had an affinity with the beauty industry. For a number of years I have specialized in styling the eyebrows and eyelashes by means of PMU (permanent make-up), shaping, coloring with dye, Henna or hybrid dye and lifting the eyebrows and eyelashes by means of Brow Lamination and Lash Volume Lift. This is done with the brands Perma blend, Biotek, Zola, Bronsun, Élan Mrs. Highbrow, Permalift, Thuya and Refectocil. I have already won a number of prizes and titles with my work, which I am extremely proud of and which motivates me to continue to achieve the best results. As an official trainer of Beautifeau I also give courses / training in styling eyebrows. This has become an extra focus for me in which I want to grow with my salon, because teaching has become very appealing to me and I get a lot of satisfaction from being able to help other artists with better results. The best thing about my profession is the permanent make-up treatments, because there is still the most possible and because of that you get the largest and most beautiful transformations that make me super happy in addition to the customer. Besides that I also really enjoy doing it.


My offer in Permanent make-up is large. I use multiple techniques and styling from powder brows to microshading / hairstroke / nano brows technique, which are all applied with a PMU machine for minimal trauma to the skin and for the best result. The only technique I don't offer is microblading, which is done by means of a blade that I personally don't support because of the opposite results as the above. In addition, I place Eyeliners in different styles and perform lip pigmentation. For the full beauty experience with enough choice for your wishes, you have come to the right place!

Has your interest been aroused, or do you have a question? Simply book an appointment online or feel free to contact me. 

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