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Chair rental

The Art of Brows has 2 treatment chairs (barberchairs) available for rental

What do we offer?
The space is an open studio which is fully furnished in a modern cozy homely atmosphere, where it is pleasant to workbecome. The space is equipped with a toilet, kitchen, waiting area and counter that may be used. Furthermore, the treatment chairs are decorated with a work table, resinpot and bulb. work products servet to take care of the tenant himself.

Working hours
possibility of private access outside the original working hours of The Art of Brows. (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12 noon to 9 pm). This means that the tenant is not bound by these working hours. The site offers ample access to free parking for customers and tenants.

Internal guidance
chair rental at The Art of Brows has the advantage that the tenant also receive guidance in perfecting her/his work, as the quality must remain high and so that we are on the same page as much as possible in style and working method. 

inexperienced or new?
Are you inexperienced or new to the profession and are you looking for a workplace? You can also contact us. We can then discuss whether a course is required before you come to work for us (for a fee) or that
 internal guidance may be enough (this differs per person and will be judged on your work).

How do bookings work?
The tenant works under The Art of Brows. The tenant is therefore named on the website and so customers can book through our system. This makes it easier for customers to make an appointment. The tenant must actively promote the work and is ultimately responsible for itgetting her/his agenda full. We will also promote through our social media and the waiting time at Myrthe (founder) is currently 1.5 maanden, so the bookings will definitely come.

Which services are suitable for our chair rental?
- Lash artist (eyelash extensions is an advantage)
- hair extension specialist
- makeup artist 

- messo therapy
- Browser

Chair rental costs:
The tenant works on a self-employed basis and the costs for chair rental amounts to 40% of the revenues that are invoiced to the tenant. In this way, the tenant only has costs if he / she also really has customers and is he/she not tied to a fixed amount per month. A fixed amount per hour/day/month can also be discussed.

If interested, please contact me via email or whatsapp and you will then be in contact with Myrthe (founder)

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